press brake tooling

Precision Tooling

Our dies are made from high quality induction hardened steel hardened by Induction on working parts at 50-60 HRC and then ground with the highest accuracy. We guarantee perfect matching.

Our standard bending dies are always available and in stock. Lengths of mms.: 415,835 and sectioned. Each bending die Is checked very carefully in order to guarantee its QUAUTY, PRECISION AND INTERCHANGEABILITY.

On request we investigate the design and produce special units. Production is executed by means of high technology machines.

We stock Amada/Promecam type tooling and European type press brake tooling

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Our factory produces standard and special dies for any make of press-brake up to a maximum length of 8000 mm's in one piece. These bending dies are induction hardened on working surfaces at 50-60 HRC and then ground, or manufactured from steel with resistance up to 120kg/mm milled, or milled and ground.

For any enquiry on special offset dies, please state:

  • type of press-brake and its features (mechanical or hydraulic, tonnage, length, maximum distance between table and ram, stroke and adjustment);
  • type, thickness and length of material to be formed;
  • sketch of profiles to be formed and indication of bends to be obtained in one stroke

Each special offset die is tested in our factory.
For any of your bending problems, please contact us! Our technical office is at your disposal in order to give you a practical and pure solution.