cnc press brake

Yawei PHB Series CNC Press Brakes

The PBH series incorporates the latest high frequency response hydraulic control technology, faster speed,higher efficiency and more stable precision
The best parameter matching, the core of the optimal configuration, guarantee the stable performance and easier operation.

The following features are standard on the PBH series CNC press brakes.

  • X and R axis backstop
  • 4 axis, Yl, Y2, X and R
  • The hydraulic system adopts a full loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronised control system.
  • The crowning compensation system on the worktable is hydraulic and is controlled through the CNC controller.
  • Quick release clamps
  • Multi v block
  • Semi gooseneck top tooling
  • The CNC controller is a DELEM DA 56 S
  • The front supports move left and right along a linear guide and manually adjust for height

Optional extras

  • 6 axis, Yl, Y2, X, R, Zl ,Z2
  • Delem DA 66 t (touch control) CNC controller